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Subfloor Construction/Remedial Work

From floor joist installation/repair, battening to combat irregular levels, insulating and the all important DPM, floor installation and skirting board to complete the project, ready for the decorator. Colin does it all.

Plank and Parquet Flooring

Plank flooring in oak is what most people think of when they think hardwood flooring. Yes, of course this is the common choice of many but there are other options. Over the years, C S Joinery have supplied and installed various species of timber, including wych elm, teak, douglas fir, ipe, American oak and many others. Depending on the source, alternatives to the more common oak species can prove more expensive but how many wooden floors are you planning to have installed in the same room? Just one, I hope….

As well as plank flooring, there are also numerous patterns which can be created with parquet. From traditional herringbone, many pre-manufactured tile patterns and to the contemporary chevron pattern. Wood flooring doesn’t have to be classed as boring or what the neighbours have. If you’d like to be different, C S Joinery would love to assist. 

Wood Floor Restoration

Shortly after he began focusing on wood floors, Colin responded to requests for the refinishing of both hardwood floors and the complete renovation of various species of boards covered by carpets for decades. A new service he could offer was born. 

Restoration can be as simple or as intense as the customer requires. Sometimes a sand and the application of a couple coats of oil is required. Gap filling is also a service offered for older floors. This is done by using slithers of wood or MDF for a more contemporary look. Cellulose filler mixed with the sanding dust can be applied to floors to fill any nail holes and cracks.

When it comes to the finish, there are many options available from a clear oil to many different colours, all protected by a final coat of oil.